Top Questions to Ask a Community Vendor

When searching for a vendor in the social community space, consider some critical points before developing an RFP.

Your social community has the potential to significantly drive sales, customer trust and loyalty, and reduce service costs. However, instead of starting with a business strategy (like increasing sales by XX%) we recommend that you start with your customer in mind.

Community is, after all, all about relationships and interaction. If you do not build your community from a customer-centric point of view, your strategy may create great functionality, but customers won't engage.

So start with your customer and build outward. Once you know what they want, find a vendor that can create that vision and deliver outstanding results.

To get you on the right track and help you be efficient in your vendor selection process, this RFP guide will get you thinking about the following critical questions:

  • Is the platform built for my customers or my employees?
  • How are metrics, community health scores, and analytics delivered?
  • How does the tool empower advocates?
  • What type of integrations — like CRM — are supported?
  • How are upgrades handled?

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“When writing your RFP, rather than thinking first about savings or sales increases, ask the question: what would make your customers engage?”

Choose a Vendor to Fulfill Your Strategy

Do Your Homework

Before you can define an ideal vendor for a social community solution, you need to do some hard research. In this guide, we describe the four key questions to explore before you develop your social community vision and your RFP.

Engaging a Vendor: Ask the Right Questions

You want a vendor that will see you as a partner, but remember you are a client and make your social community the vibrant core of your digital customer experience. This guide will walk you through all the right questions to ask to arrive at the best solution for your business.

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Learn how to choose a social community vendor that can fulfill your strategy.