The Superhero of Customer Support: Messaging

Messaging is the next generation of customer care... are you ready?

Until recently, live chat has been the best way for customers to text you. But there’s pitfalls with chat. It requires the agent and customer to engage at the same time -- and if the customer leaves or the connection gets interrupted, the entire interaction is poof! Gone. If the issue is not resolved, the customer has to start all over again. Anything that can’t be resolved quickly requires the agent to have the customer switch to email, or worse, phone.

This just doesn’t cut it with today’s customers. Forward-moving brands know that they have to keep pace -- and even get ahead of their customer’s expectations. Those who do see results.

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“63% of consumers who have used messaging to contact a brand report they were very satisfied/satisfied with their experience.”

— Sapio Research/Aberdeen Research

How can you use messaging to become the hero of an amazing brand experience for your customers?

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Don’t Fall Behind

Discover how phone, email, and live chat are falling short and putting your brand behind in customer care delivery -- causing churn and costing up to 3 times more than necessary.

Messaging Delights Customers

Find out why messaging delights customers and why 53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can message.

Leverage Messaging the Right Way

Learn best practices and risks to avoid to ensure your messaging drives powerful results for your customers and support team.

“Sprint utilized Lithium to securely engage customers in messaging conversations without the inconvenience of diverting to a different channel. The implementation has resulted in a 77% reduction in calls back to a customer and a significant increase in positive customer sentiment.”

— The Superhero of Customer Support: Messaging

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