Owning Your Brand’s Social Community Drives More Shoppers and Sales

Millward Brown Digital observed the online activity of 60,000+ consumers, and discovered Lithium communities drive 12x more sales than all other social channels combined.

The study included a large sample of leading consumer brands in Communication Service Provider, Technology, Financial Services and Retail that use Lithium and social media extensively. The sample represented a combined market capitalization of more than $740 billion.

The research highlights that brands need to make on-domain communities a priority, and would do well to improve their approach to social marketing. Branded, on-domain communities are a powerful, untapped consumer touch point that influence consumer behavior and generate improved revenue.

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  • Will an investment in community drive sales?
  • Can a community improve purchase intent?
  • What is the main driver to a community in the first place?
  • How can community help my NPS score?

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“Lithium communities drive 65% of all social e-commerce sales, or 12x more than all other social channels combined.”

— Millward Brown

Community Impact on Sales and Perception

Get in-depth data and analysis around the business value derived through branded social communities across industries, compared to public social networks like Facebook and Twitter, on metrics including:


Nearly twice as many people who visited a Lithium community performed a shopping activity within 20 minutes of their visit, compared to Facebook brand visitors (0.7% and 0.4%, respectively).


Lithium communities brought in 7.8 times more shoppers and 11.8 times more sales than other social sites—and more than twice as many users who performed a checkout 30 days after their visit to a branded site compared to Facebook users.

Trust and Loyalty

Lithium users in every industry studied ranked "Trustworthy/Honest" as the No. 1 descriptor of the brand, followed closely by "Friendly", "Innovative", "Smart", "Responsive", "Cool/Trendy" and "Real"; 88% said they "purchased from brands they trust".

“72% of respondents said they enjoy knowing that the brand provides a community for engaging with those that have similar interests.”

— Millward Brown

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