Case Study

Symantec Scales Social Customer Service with Lithium Social Media Management

Symantec Corporation is the global leader in cybersecurity. Operating one of the world’s largest cyber intelligence networks, they see more threats, and protect more customers from the next generation of attacks. Symantec helps companies, governments and individuals secure their most important data wherever it lives.

  • Goal

    Implement a new digital solution to give customers global access to social customer service with a quicker response time and a one-on-one customer experience.

  • Solution

    Replace prior vendor with Lithium Social Media Management to offer the ability to create an expanded top-tier customer care team that can respond and resolve issues more efficiently.

“Using Lithium Social Media Management has been the best thing to happen to our Social Customer Service team. It's helped us with Twitter and Facebook in ways I only imagined. Now with Lithium Social Media Management, we've finally been able to achieve our dreams.”

— Tim Lopez, Project Manager, Social Customer Care

What prompted you to seek a new solution for social customer care?

Initially when we started doing social support, it was a small team of three people. We used Tweetdeck as a monitoring tool, but eventually as the team grew, we had to identify a solution that was built for collaboration. Another team at Symantec had purchased a license from a different vendor, so we gave it a go. But when we started using it, all the positive customer feedback immediately stopped due to the tool’s unnecessary extra layers between us and the customer that caused extremely long delays in our response time. So we continued to seek a solution that was focused on social customer service. That’s when Lithium Social Media Management came into the picture.

Why did you select Lithium Social Media Management?

At our first meeting with the Lithium team, we brought a long list of requirements and were pleasantly surprised to learn they had everything on our list. Lithium Social Media Management was the first tool we observed to be focused entirely on customer experience and enabling support to engage with customers and find solutions, thereby offering positive experiences on social networks. It was important for us to select a tool that was laser-focused on customer service, because that meant that future developments would always prioritize customer service. We chose Lithium Social Media Management knowing they will always continue to invest in customer service. That first meeting with Lithium was the beginning of a very good, new chapter for us.

How has Lithium Social Media Management addressed your needs?

It has fulfilled what we only dreamed we could do. Specifically, we’ve achieved a quicker response time (from 24 hours down to 3 minutes), true collaboration, an expanded team, and multi-language support (for example, if an inquiry comes into the queue in French, it automatically gets routed to our French team). Furthermore, we have a seat at meetings where colleagues are discussing support issues—and we’re finally able to contribute some data due to Lithium Social Media Management Analytics.

What has been the impact on your organization?

The biggest impact to our organization has been the growth of our social customer service team (from just 3 to now 20 people) and our expanded hours of operation (we now offer weekend coverage which we couldn’t do prior to Lithium Social Media Management, and in early 2015 we will extend our coverage to 24/7 as a result of our expanded team). Symantec is investing in the growth of our social customer care team because they see the great results, especially with customer sentiment conversions. In addition, our agents have been able to respond much more efficiently, handle more cases with ease, and assist our customers more intelligently. We can handle more volume with less effort. We’re able to make sure all customers are being responded to and no one is being left behind. The move to this more managed solution has been groundbreaking for us.

What has been the impact on your customers?

All of the positive customer sentiments went away with our previous vendor. However, as soon as we switched to Lithium Social Media Management, the positive comments immediately came back. We saw more delighted customers who didn’t have to wait long for a reply due to a significant decrease in our response time, and we gained the ability to seamlessly help our customers. There was an immediate spike in engagement with our customers as soon as we moved to the Social Media Management solution.