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Messaging is the next generation of customer care... are you ready?

“63% of consumers who have used messaging to contact a brand report they were very satisfied/satisfied with their experience.” - Sapio Research/Aberdeen Research

Until recently, this level of support was “what’s next” in customer care. But now, it’s here. As a forward-moving brand, you need to keep pace --and even get ahead of -- customer expectations.

But there are aspects of messaging that brands need to carefully ponder. Do it right and you will deliver amazing customer care experiences that improve agent workflow, lower costs, and prepare your brand for the future.

  • Consider the limitations of traditional support methods. Phone and live chat require customers and agents to be in an interaction at the same time. If they get disconnected or need more time to solve an issue, the customer is often referred to another channel and/or the entire interaction is lost. The customer must start all over again to re-engage. Email often requires several messages to resolve an issue which can cause further frustration.

“Reaching customers on their channel of choice not only makes them happy, it also makes good business sense: 53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can message.”

— Sapio Research/Aberdeen Research
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of using public social network messaging APIs versus having an owned messaging solution. Public messaging ties you to their terms and conditions, you don’t own the data created during conversations, and there can be security issues when needing to authenticate customers to share private data. An owned messaging solution ensures that security and privacy are maintained, gives you data sovereignty, and lets customers use the channel of their choice to contact you while your agents only have to deal with one messaging platform.
  • Understand the costs. Public social network messaging channels are constantly emerging -- which means if you want to meet your customers on the channels of their choice, you’ll need to invest in training, creating processes, and keeping pace with updates for each channel you support. An owned messaging solution creates an abstract layer that lets public channels evolve while your solution remains steady and absorbs the new channels into an already existing workflow. This saves considerable costs and future-proofs your messaging customer care experience.

Messaging is a powerful way to move your customer care forward.

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