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Measure the impact of community. Arm yourself with the data you need to make decisions and take action.

Measure the impact of community with a simple survey

Through a series of standardized survey questions, community managers can easily quantify the performance of their community for users and the impact of the community on their business. Value Analytics enables you to:

  • Calculate call deflections generated by community
  • Assess user satisfaction with the community experience
  • Measure impact of the community experience on likelihood to refer (using Net Promoter Score®)
  • Quantify the “success rate” of user visits and the ultimate impact on customer support costs, if applicable
  • Identify high-performing areas of the community and areas that offer opportunities for improvement
  • Assess purchase intent of community visitors

Granular data at your fingertips

Value Analytics delivers results directly to the Lithium Social Intelligence (LSI) analytics and reporting interface, as well as options to export data for drill-down analysis at the category, board, or rank level. In addition, our team has the expertise and best practices to help you deploy Value Analytics successfully and interpret the data.

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Launch a survey within minutes

Offering control over survey frequency and timing, and the ability to customize answer choices, Value Analytics enables you to quickly deploy right out of the box.

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